Well let’s start

kim-meI have always shied away writing about my work;  it always seemed to personal.  Or is it just that I find it hard to articulate what it is that the work makes me feel, what does it all mean?  I took the stance that “It is VISUAL ART let the work speak for it self” and that works if the only people that look at your work are other artists (for some reason artists get my work).

I’m working with a new client at my Artbiz web design business and I haven’t even finish the site yet. But she sent me a number of articles, press releases and the like and right on top was an article from Opus high lighted with a note that said “Kim this story reminds me to have lots of info on my website”. Reading the article Three Career Concerns – Part one -Stories and Value by Chris Tyrell I realize yup that’s right stop avoiding.

Basically the just of it is, the general principal behind it all, what people want is to know the story. Why paraphrase when I can insert an excerpt from the article that says it best…

The point of this exercise is that very often buyers of art (especially those who do not buy art often) want to have something to say about the work they buy because when they put their work on display in their homes or offices they want to have something intelligent to say in response to the compliments it generates. They value being able to respond by saying such things as, “the artist told me that …” or “the inspiration of the work is an interesting story….” Having an insightful anecdote or two to tell admirers of the purchased art provides a lot of the emotional benefit to making the purchase.

by Chris Tyrell

Well, so, I guess, I’ll let you into my secret world of art and why I make it. What inspires me and perhaps along the way I’ll get to know myself and my work just a little bit better. ta da!