Negative Space

Negative Space an exhibition of selected works from the Off the Wall Series

March 3 to April 15, 2012
Opening reception March 2 at 6:00pm
Dade Art & Design Lab
1327 9 AVE SE
Calgary AB
403 454 0243

I started the “Off the Wall” series to study form. Removing the figure which you typically see in my work allowed me to work with form, colour and design in the purest sense. This is the first series that I really bring in the use of colour.

My work has always been stronger when the individual pieces can relate to each other. My mind wants to work in a capsule on an isolated structure. Each piece becomes precious, on to itself. Then when grouped the whole becomes the sum of its parts.

Installing the pieces in a group with the negative space flowing through and around the objects reinforces the individuality of each piece. Rather than framing which would contain the pieces forcing them to be one; with installation and use of negative space each piece remains an individual while working as a whole.



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