Off the Wall Series

I just finished this piece the other day. The piece is called “In-Spires”. This is the fourth in the new series called “Off the Wall”.

I know when a idea is worth pursuing when I don’t hem and haw over it; I just start and see where it goes. I start to play; it is exhausting work. My studio becomes a mine field as I pull this or that to see how it relates. Typically I put a few items together and then start the process of visual problem solving.

This series started when I was thinking about wanting to work with new shapes but didn’t want to go through the process of creating the clay sculpture, doing the rubber mold, etc, I just wanted to start working with the final casting. So I hunted around the house looking at my dishes, collection of assorted cool little collectibles, even in the garage all the while gauging the objects usefulness as a form. But it would not due if I cast wax in my favorite antique tea cup so realizing that I need a barrier between the two that hunt began again.  I could use a release agent – no to risky, encasutic is a liquid and tends to drip and generally makes a mess.  I settled on plastic bags, covers the object and then some and easily releases the wax when solidified.

So the logistics being solved off I go then casting encasutic in my assorted treasured shapes. In-Spires is cast in eggcups and capped with these cool little funnel looking objects that I got from god knows where and have packed around for god knows how many years. I then wrapped them with fine embroidery thread and capped them off with found objects.



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