Starker Auftritt! Stepping into the Limelight!

Starker Auftritt!/Stepping into the Limelight!
GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Leipzig, Germany
March 28 – September 29, 2013
Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Kim Bruce gratefully acknowledges the grant support from the A.F.A. to produce the work in the Heels series.

Step Lightly, Cast encasutic, pins & needles,vintage dressmaker pattern, 5″ x 2.5″ x 7.5″

The Grassi museum presents: Over a 100 fascinating and surprising footwear creations from around the world. The selection shows the architecture in miniature shoes, shoes with socio- critical potential, with historical referenced shoes or shoes that are not obvious at first glance. The exhibition is complemented by photos and videos of shoe performances.

World renowned artists, architects and designers such as Keith Haring and Zaha Hadid have rediscovered the shoe itself. They present the amazing and bizarre, and provide a variety of aesthetic and cultural aspects. The range of materials used is far reaching: futuristic high-tech fabrics, ceramics, wood, glass, elephant dung, paper and of course leather and fabric were used as the starting material. Portable or not? The original and ingenious designs are unlimited. It’s all about the shoe as an art form, to be reshaped as sculpture.

(. An exhibition in cooperation with the Dutch Liza Snook It operates a virtual shoe museum: ) Kim’s listing at the Virtual Shoe Museum

2013 Starker Auftritt! Experimentelles Schuh-Design. 28.03. bis

Media Coverage
Tages Schau – “Strong performance” in stylish offenders
Mittags | Magazin -Strong performance
High Heels im Grassi-Museum (Video)


Summer Survey ll – Jarvis Hall Fine Art


About this exhibition by Jarvis Hall

It is time again for me to have a look outside of our regular roster of artists and curate an exhibition inviting artists that I admire to hang on our walls. Last August our first Summer Survey Bring The Noise was a great success and a point of conversation throughout the year with collectors and artists alike. It is in this spirit of thought provoking exhibitions that I present to you Summer Survey II, featuring:

Paintings by Janine Hall (courtesy of the Weiss Gallery), Becky McMaster, Elena Evanoff, Marianne Gerlinger and Leslie Sweder. Drawings by Debra Rushfeldt. Sculpture by Donna White, Kim Bruce , Jen Somerville and Shelley Ouellet. Photographs by Angela Inglis.

We are not having a title for this year’s summer survey show. I had intended to come up with a clever or insightful title referencing the fact that all of the exhibiting artists are women. I have decided that gender is not the point of this exhibition at all. The art is, as it should be, the thing. During studio visits I realized that while the energy was coming from a feminine place the impact of the work did not rely on this information. I was encouraged as a curator, to realize that I was looking at commanding artworks. To say that I am attempting to curate an exhibition that opens a feminist dialogue would be wrong. This exhibition is an honest survey of what is happening in the studios of artists that I admire. The hope is for the audience to be inspired by the variety of vision these artists bring to this exhibition.

Jarvis Hall

Work in Exhibition

Hair Brush and Brush Cut

Negative Space


Negative Space an exhibition of selected works from the Off the Wall Series

March 3 to April 15, 2012
Opening reception March 2 at 6:00pm
Dade Art & Design Lab
1327 9 AVE SE
Calgary AB
403 454 0243

I started the “Off the Wall” series to study form. Removing the figure which you typically see in my work allowed me to work with form, colour and design in the purest sense. This is the first series that I really bring in the use of colour.

My work has always been stronger when the individual pieces can relate to each other. My mind wants to work in a capsule on an isolated structure. Each piece becomes precious, on to itself. Then when grouped the whole becomes the sum of its parts.

Installing the pieces in a group with the negative space flowing through and around the objects reinforces the individuality of each piece. Rather than framing which would contain the pieces forcing them to be one; with installation and use of negative space each piece remains an individual while working as a whole.