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Damaged Work

I posed the question for Alyson Stanfield to use at Have you ever shown at a venue that broke or damaged one of your artworks and didn’t offer to remunerate you for the loss? What did you do? The response was over whelming, 19 38 comments. Admittedly a few of those comments were me […]


Shipping Art

Shipping art to the U.S. and getting it back again. It’s the getting it back that’s the tough part. I had 5 pieces in an exhibition in New York a few years ago. After the show was over and the gallery shipped it back, the work was stopped at the border. Customs would not release […]


Well let’s start

I have always shied away writing about my work;  it always seemed to personal.  Or is it just that I find it hard to articulate what it is that the work makes me feel, what does it all mean?  I took the stance that “It is VISUAL ART let the work speak for it self” […]