In 2007 I started working with brushes; hair brushes.  The concept seems rather obvious – hair and brushes. I found some basic brushes at the drug store that I used originally and they had a flexible base that I could pull the hair through with a crochet hook. Tedious job that and a bit messy – hair every where.

But the work always nagged me for a better brush. This year I revisited this work because a friend of mine donated 2 vintage brushes. It wasn’t as easy this time to pull the hair through as the bases were solid. I had to drill the holes straight through to the back and make sure everything was really tight in order to fit it all back together.

I had actually thought that this concept was done on the first go around. The idea was executed and my creativity satisfied for the most part, except for the nag about the quality of the brush it self.  So a great big thank you to Bev Tosh for the brushes; it was well worth the work.




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